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PEGASUS Press Release: Safe the Date for the Final Event in Ehra-Lessien

01. Mai 2019

PEGASUS Project: Standards for the safeguarding of highly-automated vehicles

In order for functions for the safeguarding of highly-autmated vehicles to be approved, new quality standards and methods had been developed in the recent 3 years – through the close cooperation between the automotive industry and innovative, agile engineering companies. This is what the PEGASUS joint project, funded by the German Government / BMWi) stands for: Project for the Establishment of Generally Accepted quality criteria, tools and methods as well as Scenarios and ("Und") Situations for the release of highly-automated driving functions. The objective ihad been to develop a procedure for the testing of automated driving functions, in order to facilitate the rapid implementation of automated driving into practice.

iMAR Navigation participated in PEGASUS and developed and provided one of the most reliable and easy-to-use metrology for trajectory generation from common simulation formats (OpenScenario / OpenDrive), trajectory stimulation & vehicle control and motion surveying for both, on the proving ground and on the highway. Within PEGASUS, the results had been obtained within a close collaboration between AUDI AG and iMAR Navigation GmbH. Partially also TÜV Süd had been involved to cover also the requirements of future homologation needs within the developed system. 

Safe the Date: The PEGASUS Symposium is held on May, 13th and 14th  2019 at the proving ground in Ehra-Lessien at Volkswagen facilities. An exhibition of the results  incl. life presentations on the proving ground is included. iMAR Navigation will present the full proving ground implementation incl. INS/GNSS localization, stereo-vision based signal processing and a "robot-free" proving ground setup for the testing of highly and fully automated driving vehicles up to SAE level 5, using an Audi RS7 and a KIA-NIRO, both with iMAR's control interface.

The presentation in May 2019 is held in close cooperation between Audi AG and iMAR Navigation.

Further information:

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