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Gyro Stabilized Tracking System (EOTS) delivered to ArmaSuisse

22. April 2014

iIPSC-MSG-130: Gyro Stabilized Electro Optical Tracking System for Multi Purpose Payloads

iMAR delivered a customized electro optical tracking System (EOTS) of type iIPSC-MSG-130 to ArmaSuisse, the Swiss Defence Authorities.
The platform is fully two axes gyro stabilized including video tracking (iOET²) capability, true north alignment, joystick control and provides an open interface to ArmaSuisse' computer system.
The iIPSC-MSG-130 can carry up to 130 kg customized payload, like daylight and IR cameras, Laser range finder, RF antennas and other classified equipment.

The tracking gimbal is integrated into an advanced container device (ACD) with vertical lift platform (see linked video) to support a mobile operation during national and international tracking campaigns.

The first campaign, where this system participated, had been NATO TRIAL EMBOW XIV 2014 in France in spring 2014.

EMBOW XIV Participation of ARMASUISSE using iMAR's iIPSC-MSG-130 - see more here...

Video of tracking iIPSC-MSG-130 (58 MByte)   (c) iMAR Navigation GmbH


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