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iVRU-FSAQ: Tactical Grade AHRS in FOG Technology, 1 deg/hr and 2 mg

08. Januar 2013

Tactical Grade Fiber Optical Gyro based advanced AHRS  with NoA² algorithm for UAV, OPV and defense applications

With the iVRU-FSAQ iMAR provides a rugged 6D inertial AHRS system, based on FOG technology and servo accelerometers (Q Flex type and MEMS type available as factory set options). It is designed for general stabilization tasks (up to 1'200 Hz data rate) as well as for UAV and OPV control, defence, industrial and general aviation applications. It comes with an integrated EMI/EMC filtering and power conditioning as well as environmental protection according to MIL-STD-810F. Power supply voltage is factory-set selectable between 10 - 34 V DC.

The integrated NoA² based AHRS algorithm provides accurate attitude also during longer loss of aiding information.

As an special feature, the iVRU-FSAQ can be delivered with a software development kit (SDK) which allows the advanced user to implement his own algorithms inside the system.

Further information:

iVRU-FSAQ Tactical Grade IMS / AHRS with integrated GPS receiver


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