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iMAR Technology for ProScan, p3d's most advanced Kinematic Laser Scanning Solution

12. Juni 2015

Inertial Measuring and Synchronization Solution for Kinematic Laser Scanning

p3d Systems, a worldwide leading company providing kinematic laser scanning solutions for advanced surveying applications, launches their latest product ProScan. The product is based on p3d's most sophisticated system design and application software, supported by iMAR's advanced inertial measurement and synchronization technology.

The Kinematic Laser Scanning solution from p3d reduces the “time to results” from days to hours by scanning as the system moves through a site. p3d’s solution does not require special scan targets or office registration that sometimes comes with static scanning. The ProScan system works indoors and outdoors and can be operated successfully after only a short introduction. The net result is typically an order-of-magnitude reduction in field and office time for capturing and preparing dense 3D data for various applications and industries.

The picture shows the kinematic scan of iMAR facilities in St. Ingbert, obtained in May 2015, where the ProScan system had been simply manually moved along a line in front of the buildings to gather all data.

p3d's ProScan supports laser scanners from FARO (Faro Focus3D X Series), Leica, Z+F.

Further information:

ProScan by p3d Systems - product information

FARO Focus3D - product information (optional sub-component of the p3d solution)


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