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iMAR is contracted for 100+ IMS for Straddle Carrier Navigation (iVRU-CB)

22. Mai 2013

iVRU-CB: Rugged Small Size Inertial Measurement System with MEMS Sensors, GPS Receiver, Odometer Interface and advanced Data Fusion

iMAR recently received a contract to deliver 100+ units iVRU-CB for straddle carrier navigation in harbor environment.

The iVRU-CB contains MEMS based inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers), a GPS receiver (SBAS capability, EGNOS available), odometer interface and is fully EMI/EMC protected, designed for environmental impacts according to MIL-STD 810F.

The system replaces MEMS based gyro systems from third party and provides an economic and accurate solution for land vehicle guidance and control.

Further information:

Datasheet iVRU-CB with 4.7 g accelerometer range and 300 deg/s rate range


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