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E-Bike and PedelecTesting with iµVRU

06. Juni 2014

iµVRU: Dynamic Testing of E-Bikes, Pedelecs and Motorcycles

iMAR is a well-known market leader providing most accurate inertial measurement systems for automotive ADAS verification like ABS testing or adjustment of automatic vehicle damper control.

Using the iµVRU, a very low power consuming and only 50 grams light weight INS/GPS system with advanced online signal processing, iMAR demonstrated the motion dynamics testing of bicycles, E-Bikes and pedelecs.

The iµVRU provides accurate roll, pitch, heading, 3D velocity, 3D position, 3D acceleration and 3D angular rates with up to 200 Hz.

Key advantages against competitive systems are its high accuracy, plug&play easy use, fast installation (needs < 5 minutes, see picture) and autonomous operation: the iµVRU is simply supplied from the notebook's USB, which is carried in the backpack of the test Driver and also collects all measurement data!

Further information:

iµVRU Datasheet
Bicycle, E-Bile and Pedelec Testing with iµVRU (Test Report)


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