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Bertha Benz: Automated Car Driving embedded in Real Traffic by Daimler AG

10. September 2013

iMAR's iTraceRT being used as Safety System for most challenging automated driving

In August 2013 the engineers of Daimler AG demonstrated driving fully autonomously about 100 km non-stop embedded in the current traffic in Germany from Mannheim to Pforzheim with an S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE research car. They followed the historical track which had been performed by Bertha Benz exactly 125 years ago, at that time to demonstrate the reliability of the world's first car.

For navigation and control the car had only been equipped with close-to-production sensors. Only as a safety backup, a high performance INS/GNSS deeply coupled navigation system of type iTraceRT from manufacturer iMAR Navigation was installed.

Further information:

Video of Daimler AG about Bertha Benz related automaded driving with iMAR reference equipment (96 MByte)   (c) Daimler AG

Press Release Daimler AG   (c) Daimler AG

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