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This link gives you a quick start into the knowledge of inertial navigation technology, inertial sensors, INS/GNSS sensor data fusion etc.

And for all other items and related applications like gyro stabilized platforms, vehicle motion surveying, vehicle control, gravimetry, drill head localization, transfer alignment systems, testing systems for automotive and airborne applications etc., please take a few minutes to dive deeper into our web site or contact our headquarters or our representatives to learn more 

  • about iMAR Navigation and our daughter company Spezial-EMV,
  • about our products around all applications with and without inertial sensors, GNSS, LiDAR etc. for industrial, defence, aviation, marine, surveying, commercial and space applications
  • about our engineering and support for our customers worldwide, 
  • about our manufacturing facilities,
  • about our quality assurance and management,
  • and about our vision as well as our mission.

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The market place of Inertial Navigation systems and solutions: 

Several users have reported recently strong doubts about the performance and reliability of the products from certain providers of INS/GNSS solutions who lack sufficient long-term experience - the datasheet claims of their products may not be met in real-world applications. Do not hesitate to ask us for details.



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