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iTraceRT-MVT: Class Leading INS/GNSS/+ Solutions for Motion Dynamics Analysis, Vehicle Tracking & Steering

Systems for Testing of Highly and Fully Automated Vehicles on the Test Track up to SAE Level 5

iTraceRT is the ground truth reference for vehicle testing worldwide. Its applications range from vehicle dynamics analysis to vehicle control in complex traffic scenarios and challenging environmental conditions. iTraceRT utilizes inertial sensors, GNSS, and optionally a wheel sensor for this purpose. It provides position, velocity, heading, attitude, angular rate, acceleration and the associated standard deviations for each measurement to support automotive development engineers and technicians in their tasks effectively. iTraceRT has become a de facto standard for the automotive industry. The first generation of today's iTraceRT-MVT device series, named iDIS-FMS, was introduced 30 years ago, and 15 years later, it was renamed iTraceRT due to its unparalleled lane accuracy.

The iTraceRT-MVT-500 is the successor to the iTraceRT-F200 and iTraceRT-F400/7 systems, maintaining the same sensor quality (GNSS, inertial sensors) as its predecessors. However, it is additionally equipped with interfaces and algorithms that enable its use in verification and control tasks up to SAE Level 5 in test fields. It supports iMAR's iDNM Dynamic Mesh Communication Network (compatible with WLAN) and incorporates an extremely powerful, market-leading odometer support for long stretches with strong GNSS degradation (e.g., in urban canyons or tunnels). This is made possible by more powerful processing technology and an extended system architecture.

The iTraceRT-MVT device series is built on iMAR's iNAT architecture (Navigation & Timing) with a dedicated user profile in the iXCOM-CMD software for automotive applications (including an extensive wizard for very simple plug-and-play operation) and automotive CAN interface. It is the preferred solution for all users who prioritize high accuracy and reliability of their measurement equipment. 

  • The iTraceRT-MVT system is an ultra-precise INS/GNSS system designed for motion measurement and vehicle guidance (angle and position reference for cameras, LIDAR, sonar, etc.), used for testing and homologation of driver assistance systems. It is a robust, compact, lightweight device suited for harsh environments.
  • Solutions for all accuracy and bandwidth requirements:
    • iTraceRT-MVT-6xx: Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG) technology - the solution for the highest demands.
    • iTraceRT-MVT-5xx: Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology.
    • iTraceRT-MVT-1 and iTraceRT-MVT-3xx: MEMS sensor technology.
  • It outputs rotation rates, angles, accelerations, speed, position, and standard deviations via UART, Ethernet, CAN, and USB in real-time with minimal latency and jitter. The CAN interface is compatible with the CAN interface of the previous version, iTraceRT-F4xx.
  • Integrated multi-frequency / multi-constellation GNSS receiver (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BEIDOU, etc.) provides 2 cm position accuracy (rms) with appropriate GNSS availability and dynamics using RTK (multi-frequency / multi-constellation). Reference data is available via iREF-GNSS, iNetGo, or iDMN Dynamic Mesh Communication Network.
  • Minimal latency and jitter make it optimal for active control of high-speed vehicles (e.g., for depicting traffic scenarios on test tracks). See iSWACO-ARGUS for details.
  • Each iTraceRT-MVT can optionally be used as an NTRIP caster (the iTraceRT-MVT then serves as a GNSS reference station and can provide correction data to all other devices in the iDMN network).
  • Interface for ABD steering robots is available and ABD certified.
  • Application areas include driver assistance system analyses and as an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) verification tool in the automotive sector for measurements according to EuroNCAP AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) standards.
  • The iTraceRT-MVT can also be used for localization and vehicle guidance in "GNSS denied" environments through LiDAR coupling (iLIANE).
  • Easy integration: ROS 2 drivers, Python scripts, C++ SDK, and Matlab scripts available.
  • No other provider on the market covers the entire spectrum of accuracy in inertial sensor technology and algorithmics from MEMS to Ring Laser Gyroscope.
  • iTraceRT-MVT-300/TLN-1-DA and iTraceRT-MVT-300/TLE-LN1-DA are the bestsellers for automotive testing.
  • On request our systems can provide communication interfaces compatible to OxTS, ABD, Genesys, Advanced Navigation and others.


Following our proven design philosophy and technical code of conduct for our products and solutions, only the physics determines the behavior of iMAR‘s measurement systems. Our real-time output of our systems and solutions is achieved through the intelligent signal processing invented by our experienced engineers, not by AI (artificial intelligence).
Experienced customers do not entrust the success of critical or general missions to the heuristic decisions of any AI, but rather experience the highest reliability, accuracy and availability of iMAR solutions in their daily use, based on our mathematically and physically precise and traceable results.



Details for the proving ground integration are provided in the product flyer iSWACO-ARGUS


Other provides of proving ground equipment are ABD, Humanetics, OXTS, Genesys, SBG, Advanved Navigation etc. Check theit real world performance before making a buy decision. Ask also, wheter the measurement results base on AI methods (unpredicted behavior as well as model based algorithms are a "no-go" for measurement tools, which are used to survey a vehicle's behavior or to control it in difficult environment, where certain vehicle models might not be valid!)


Further information

Datasheet iTraceRT-MVT-500: Automotive motion reference system with fiber optical gyros (FOG)
Datasheet iTraceRT-MVT-510: Automotive motion reference system with high precision fiber optical gyros (FOG)
Datasheet iTraceRT-MVT-600: Automotive motion reference system with ultra precise ring laser gyroscopes (RLG)
Datasheet of iTraceRT-MVT-300/SLD Standard INS/GNSS solution for automotive testing (MEMS)
*** BESTSELLER *** Datasheet of iTraceRT-MVT-300/TLN-1 Professional INS/GNSS solution for automotive testing (MEMS)
Datasheet of iTraceRT-MVT-300/TLN-2 Professional INS/GNSS solution for automotive testing with advanced acceleroetes (MEMS)
+++ BESTSELLER *** Datasheet of iTraceRT-MVT-300/TLE-LN1 professional low noise INS/GNSS solution for automotive testing (MEMS)
Datasheet of iTraceRT-MVT-100/RLD Economic INS/GNSS solution for automotive testing (MEMS)
Datasheet of iSWACO-ARGUS - Testing of automated vehicles up to SAE Level 5 on the proving ground

More manuals, user reports and other information in our download area.


iMAR: Since 30 years leading ground truth reference technology for automotive testing on the proving ground - iTraceRT-MVT
Scenario based testing on the proving ground using iTraceRT-MVT localization systems (2021)
Example: Verification of Highway Pilot, using iMAR's iSWACO-ARGUS toolchain and iTraceRT-MVT localization (iMAR / CARIAD / AUD, 2022)


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