iMAR Navigation: iTURN-3D1-HIL Turntable for HIL and Calibration Tasks

iTURN-3D-HIL: Three-Axes Multiturn Turntable for HIL Simulations

iTURN-3D1-HIL: 3-Axes Turntable for INS HIL Testing

The iTURN-3D1-HIL is a precision turntable for testing Gyros, accelerometers, IMUs, INS and optical devices under lab conditions with high dynamics motion capability.

The iTURN-3D1 is the same precision turntable, but with lower dynamics values.

The iTURN-2D1 and iTURN-2D1-HIL are the same systems as described before, but without an rotating outer axis. They are explained within the datasheets of iTURN-3D1 and iTURN-3D1-HIL.  


  • Multiturn continuous rotation on all three axes, fiberoptical rotary joints and and electrical sliprings
  • Positioning resolution of 0.02 arcsec and high rate stability
  • High dynamics for advanced calibration and Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications (up to 4000 deg/s² on request)
  • CAN, Ethernet and RS422 command
  • Output of axes position, velocity, encoder counts
  • Customized versions available on request; gyro stabilization available for usage in gimbal applications
  • Optional Auto Balancing Capability (ABC) and aAuto Leveling Capability (ALC) available
  • Made in Germany

Further information:

Datasheet iTURN-3D1       3-Axes Motion Table (includes iTURN-2D1)

Datasheet iTURN-3D1-HIL 3-Axes Motion Table (includes iTURN-2D1-HIL)

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