Export- and Trade Compliance-Regulations for Inertial Navigation Systems and Inertial Sensors (Dual-Use)

Depending on its class of accuracy and/or its base of development origin (industrial / military) the export of inertial components or of inertial measurement systems  can be subject of export control.

The following links may assist the reader to get an improved understanding of export control mechanisms and how to deal with the regulations.

According to the international Wassenaar Arrangement, also for inertial measurement systems and components with the capability of gyro compassing (true north finding) or if they had been specifically designed for military usage covering specific performance requirements, an export certificate has to be granted by the competent authorities. In Germany the BAFA (German Federal Office for Export) is responsible to grant such license. The license is required, if the buyer or/and the final end-user are operating the goods outside of the European Union. If the buyer or/and end-user of so-called "dual-use" goods are located inside the countries covered by the EU001 regulations (Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway), a simplified export control procedure for these dual-use goods is applicable and iMAR Navigation will handle the according notification to BAFA automatically without any administration effort for the buyer. Furthermore, some components may be controlled by natioanl export regulations (e.g. in France by DGA or in the USA or Canada by so-called ITAR regulations (U.S. Department of State/ Bureau of Industry and Security) - in this case, iMAR Navigation will apply also for those additional licenses.

Please contact us for all re-exports/ re-transfer  activities or intentions, because of the Trade Compliance monitoring.

Please study the official regulations which are binding for the buyer as well as for the end-user.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further Information!

 Attention / Legal Clause: 

  • iMAR has collected the information given on this page according to its best knowledge. Nevertheless, iMAR Navigation cannot be held responsible for any misleading, wrong or not updated information.
  • The buyer is responsible to provide all necessary information about end-user and end-usage to iMAR Navigation to apply the correct export procedure. The buyer of the goods is responsible over lifetime of the goods that their usage complies to the actual valid export regulations.


Contact - Exporthints - German Links (information supplied without liability):

Bundesamt für Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA / Germany):

Legal Basis

Commodity Control List (see chapter CAT 7 for inertial equipment)

Embargo – Red Flags and Watch Lists

General Licenses EU001-EU006, AGG12-AGG14, AGG16-AGG27

Preliminary Enquiry

Wassenaar Arrangement - International Export Control Rules (dual-use goods and technologies)


Contact - Exporthints - USA Links (information supplied without liability):

U.S. Department of State (DDTC) - International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR):

Legal Basis and e-CFR

Guidelines and Instructions

ITAR / USML Updates FAQs

Bureau of Industry an Security (BIS) - Export Administration Regulations (EAR):

Guidelines and Instructions

Commerce Control List (CCL)

Guidance on Reexports

Guidance de minimis 

Sanctions and Country Information


Contact - Hints and Information - EU Links (information supplied without liability):

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