PEGASUS Press Release: Safe the Date!

20 October 2017

PEGASUS Project: Standards for the safeguarding of highly-automated vehicles

In order for functions for the safeguarding of highly-autmated vehicles to be approved, new quality standards and methods must be developed in the coming years – through the close cooperation between the research and industry fields. This is what the PEGASUS joint project, funded by the German Government / BMWi) stands for: Project for the Establishment of Generally Accepted quality criteria, tools and methods as well as Scenarios and ("Und") Situations for the release of highly-automated driving functions. The objective is to develop a procedure for the testing of automated driving functions, in order to facilitate the rapid implementation of automated driving into practice.

iMAR Navigation participates and supports PEGASUS by developing and providing a reliable and easy-to-use measurement technology for trajectory stimulation & vehicle control and motion surveying on the proving ground and on the highway.

Safe the Date: The midway results are presented from 2017, Nov. 8th to 10th at RWTH / ika in Aachen via an exhibition and scientific symposium. iMAR Navigation will present an advanced stereo-vision based supervision system and the "robot-free" proving ground setup for the testing og highly and fully autonomous vehicles up to SAE level 5.

Further information:

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Technology News Ticker of HEISE: Summary of the PEGASUS Symposium in Aachen (Nov 10, 2017) [in German]

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