FLAIT Mobility System presented on CAR Symposium 2019 in Bochum

08 February 2019

Highly Automated Vehicle for Public Transportation

iMAR is in process to integrate its positioning and vehicle guidance & control technology into the FLAIT Fast-Lane Artificial-Intelligence Transportation System. The FLAIT Mobility System contains an advanced vehicle design for efficient public transportation of individuals as well as for last-mile cargo transportation, ovecoming many of the well-known disadvantages of current solutions within cities and in rural areas.

The FLAIT vehicle only uses half of the space of one lane, supports driving to individual destinanations for individual passengers (where the operation of a larger bus with more than 2 passengers for public transportation is uneconomical), comes due to the integrated tilting technology with a very small turning circle (important for urban areas), supports tilting technology also for high passenger comfort and fast motion capability and also supports platooning, where several passengers intend to visit the same destination as well as automatic lane change capability to bypass obstacles on the road.

The FLAIT Mobility concept is designed by Innovative Dragon Ltd., located in Germany and UK and is based on more than 30 years of experience in advanced engineering at I-Dragn and at iMAR Navgation. Details can be found on www.flait.eu and www.iDragon.eu

The FLAIT has been presented by Innovative Dragon and iMAR Navigation on the CAR Symposium on February 6th, 2019 in Bochum / Germany and had been subject of high interest.     

Video FLAIT Mobility System: Fast-Lane Artificial-Intelligence Transportation for Cities and Rural Areas
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