Soft Crash Target (SCT) - in collaboration with 4a-Systems

Highly agile device with iMAR Navigation inside 

The Soft Crash Target 4activeFB-FB, provided by 4a Systems / Austria, is a navigation system controlled platform for testing AEB VRU scenarios. The platform has extremely low profile and is very robust, can be driven over by passenger and commercial vehicles. It provides a very low radar cross section, nearly invisible.

The navigation equipment inside the 4activeFB is provided and adapted to the SCT by iMAR Navigation in cooperation together with 4a-Systems  

The following video shows a test with an VUT (vehicle under test) and an SCT (soft crash target) on a proving ground.  4a-System's SCT is integrated into iMAR's iSWACO-ARGUS system, which provides the entire equipment and infrastructure incl. INS/GNSS localization, secured communication, trajectory planning and automated test execution, for proving grounds, which are used for testing and verification of highly automated and fully automated vehiccles. 

4a-System's Soft Crash Target with iMAR's Navigation & Control inside 

Datasheet: iSWACO-ARGUS Proving Ground Equipment


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