iPRENA-V: Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (0.26 mil sec lat, RLG)

High Performance Low Weight / Small Size INS (RLG based)

The iPRENA-V is a light weight small-size high accurate advanced RLG based INS, being designed for aviation and used for defense applications. It is available in several performance classes. It consists of 3 high reliable airborne grade ring laser gyro axes and 3 servo accelerometer axes, integrated GNSS Receiver (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU; SBAS), wheel sensor interface and an advanced 42+ state Kalman filter based INS/GNSS loosly or tightly coupled data fusion.
The iPRENA-V is available in 3 different classes of performance (-MP, -HP, -UP).

A version iPRENA-M-H is furthermore available as MAPS / DRU replacement (compatible in enclosure, connectors and performance with "historical" DRU / MAPS modular azimuth position system, which became obsolescent some times ago by several vendors).


  • Applications: GNSS aided navigation, free inertial Navigation (air, land, sea, subsea), attitude heading reference (AHRS), surveying, UAV, AUV and RPV guidance & control
  • Real-time data output: longitude, latitude, alttude / height, velocty, roll, pitch, yaw / heading, angular rates, acceleration, status, calibrated raw data INS/GNSS (for post-processing)
  • Interfaces: RS485 (UART and HDLC / SDLC) Interfaces, CANaero / ARINC825 / CAN, ARINC429, Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), SYNC-I/Os
  • Data Output rate up to 300 Hz (each data log separately adjustable)
  • Measurement range +/-450 deg/s, +/-16 g
  • Heading accuracy 0.2 ... 1 mil sec lat
    Attitude accuracy < 0.2 mil
    Position accuracy free inertial 0.2 ... 0.8 nm/hr
    Position accuracy GNSS aided < 1 m (rms) [S/A off]
    Position accuracy GNSS aided 0.02 m (rms) [RTK available]
  • Bias over temperature 0.002...0.004 deg/h / 25 µg
    Noise / ARW 0.0012 ... 0.0035 deg/sqrt(hr) / 8 µg/sqrt(Hz)
    Bias stability (AV) < 0.001 °/hr, 10 µg @ const. temp.
  • Integrated 42+ state tightly or loosly coupled data fusion
  • Internally up to 32 GByte non-volatile memory for data storage
  • Power Supply: 10...32 V DC, < 30 W
  • Modular System architecture: customized applications can be integrated by iMAR easily (please contact our sales for details). So the iPRENA-V can provide arbitrary data and command protocols according to customer requirement, e.g. to substitute other navigation systems by iPRENA-V (e.g. for Form-Fit-Function replacements)
  • EMI-EMC protection and qualification according to DO160G / MIL-STD-704F / MIL-STD-461G / MIL-STD-810G


Further information:

Datasheet iPRENA-V Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (0.3 mil sec lat; RLG)

Datasheet iPRENA-II...IV / iPRENA-M-II...IV Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (0.3 mil sec lat; RLG; ITAR-free)

Datasheet iPRENA-M-H Precision Navigation for Defense Applications (DRU / MAPS replacement)



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