iNAT-4C/SLx: Multi-Redundant MEMS Based Navigation, Surveying & Control System (500 Hz)

INS/GNSS System with up to 3 dissimilar MEMS-IMUs and 4 CPUs

iNAT-4C/SLx is a light weight small-size accurate MEMS based INS for safety relevant applications. It consists of 4 independent operating CPUs (e.g. to execute several implementations of dissimilar software of INS/GNSS/ODO data fusion) and up to 3 different (dissimilar) robust MEMS based IMU assemplies (i.e. up to 9 accelerometers and 9 gyroscopes of different manufacturing processes). This mitigates the risk of standard redundant setups, where a "design error" within a specific sensor might lead to a catastrophic situation even if many redundant devices of the same design are used to detect hardware errors.  iNAT-4C/SLx also contains an integrated GNSS Receiver (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU; L1L2 RTK) and a wheel sensor interface. On the first CPU iMAR's advanced 42+ state Kalman filter based INS/GNSS loosely or tightlycoupled data fusion is operated.

Beside of the inertial sensor capabilities the iNAT-4C/SLx also contains 2 re-chargeable, hot-swappable batteries to allow operation even during up to 1/2 hour of power supply interruption. The power supply input is protected against reverse polarity as well as against over-voltage up to 35 V.

The system can be delivered also with only one single INS sensor assembly integrated, when the several CPUs are used for other tasks like autonomous driving / vehicle control, machine vision based collision avoidance, LiDAR / RADAR processing etc.

The iNAT-4C/SLx is e.g. used in autonomous vehicle control applications.

Technical performance details can be found in the datasheets listed below.

The iNAT series is used for navigation, guidance and control of vehicles, stabilization of platforms, surveying reference as ground truth etc. in the fields of industrial, automotive, surveying, defense and space applications. The full accuracy range of the members of the iNAT family from economic to high-end can be found here:

Link to the entire iNAT system family


Further information:

Datasheet iNAT-4C/SLx: INS/GNSS System with 4 CPUs and up to 3 IMUs

Datasheet iSWACO-ARGUS: Autonomous Vehicle Control in Swarm Applications


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