iDIS-FMS: Gyro for Driver Assistance Testing [not to be used for new designs]

Inertial Measuring Systems with Fiber Optical Gyros for Automotive Testing Applications





It is replaced by the products  iNAT-FSSG-1, iNAT-FSLG-01 and iNAT-M200





iMAR's inertial measurement system iDIS-FMS for inertial vehicle mo­tion analysis, 3D topology determination of test roads or trajectory surveying or stabiliza­tion and guidance is equipped with high preci­sion multiplexed fiber optical gyros and servo-ac­celerometers and covers ap­pli­cations which re­quire high ac­cu­racy, reli­abil­ity and an open in­terface to the user.

  • Accuracy 0,05° / 1 mg / 0.001 °/s
  • 2 cm position accuracy with RTK-DGPS and in realtime without GPS outages or with post-processing
  • Interfaces: CAN / RS232 / Ethernet TCP/IP
  • robust device, also for rugged applications
  • Fiber optic Gyro Technology (FOG), class 1 deg/hr / 1.5 mg
  • no acceleration dependent gyro drift
  • small size, low weight
  • provides data for steering robot (see interface iSRIF)
  • version for Multi-Vehicle-Tracking available (e.g. for performance analysis of driver assistance systems)
  • Used e.g. in adaptive cruise control, driver assistance system and motion dynamics testing applications

The systems are designed in robust strap-down technology. Key features are high accuracy, siple usage, unmatched reliability and low maintenance requirements. Data storage is as well contained as universal interfaces and a powerful operational software.

Further information:

Datasheet iNAT-FSSG-1 (successor of iDIS-FMS and iNAV-FMS)

Datasheet iDIS-FMS (not for new applications)
Product-Flyer, 4 Pages (not for new applications)
Datasheet Multi-Vehicle-Tracking with iDIS-FMS (not for new applications)
Steering Robot Interface iSRIF (not for new applications - integrated inside of iNAT-FSSG!)

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