Dienstag, 21 August 2018
iPRENA-III: INS/GNSS solution for fefence applications (ITAR free)

iMAR wins contract to deliver INS for Air Defence and Target Acquisition Radar

Precise INS/GNSS Solution for Radar Antenna Azimuth and Elevation  Reference  

iMAR wins the contract to deliver more than a dozen of iPRENA-III systems for the precise radar antenna pointing application for the mobile radar system of a well-known European manufacturer. 

The system consists of the mature iPRENA RLG based  INS/GNSS system with gyro compassing capability, including an additional independant heading solution, which allows a cost efficient comparision of two dissimilar heading results to fulfill also  demanding SIL requirements.     

Further information:

Datasheet iPRENA-II/III/IV Precision INS/GNSS Navigation and Piointing Reference for Defence Applications 

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